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Schedule the Kids Dentist Appointments this Summer

Now is the time to schedule your children’s dentist appointments. It is the perfect time because the kids are out of school and they need something to do anyways. Many working parents struggle during the summer months when they have to find alternative activities other than school during the summer months. One thing we do in our family is sign our children up for summer camps. We also make sure the kids dentist appointments are done during the summer because they don’t have to miss any time from school.

During the school year, the kids are busy enough with activities and school work, not to mention the flu comes around ever winter, so missing school for other reasons in the winter is almost inevitable now a days. Another good time to schedule the kids dentist appointments is during the winter break from school. Plan ahead and make your life easier.

Here are some tips to keep your kids brushing between visits.

Brushing and flossing in between dentist office visits could be the most important thing you do each and every day. We have found that buying your child’s favorite toothbrush will help them want to brush more often. For example, we have a son and when he was a toddler, we would get him a Spiderman toothbrush. As he entered kindergarten, we bought him his favorite superhero electric toothbrush. So now he had a fancy toothbrush, just like Mom and Dad, but his was even better because it was a superhero electric toothbrush. As he got a little older, we then graduated him to the adult style electric toothbrush. By this time, he actually enjoys the teeth brushing process, at least a lot more than he did a toddler or kindergartner. At first, when he discovered that our electronic toothbrush had four modes, well, of course he had to try all four modes every night. now we can’t get him to stop brushing using the new electronic tooth brush.

Getting the children to floss is one of the most difficult thing to do as a parent. Let’s face it, most kids do not like to floss. This is where we recommend the GUM brand of floss. It is a flosser on one end and a toothpick on the other. This has been our only hope in getting our son to floss. Yes, we still have to tell him multiple times per night and yes he still fights it and even fibs a little when we ask him, so we stay on him and keep trying to explain how important it is as he gets older.

Try these tips between dental office visits with your children and stay on them about brushing and flossing and even this will become easier as they get older. Don’t give up on your kids, they only have one set of teeth and gums once the baby teeth are gone. help your family be the best they can be with these dentist tips.

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