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Mission Viejo Dentist Laser Treatment

What is laser treatment in dentistry? A laser is an instrument used to shape or remove soft tissue. The laser itself is a narrow, intense beam of light energy. When laser light comes in contact with tissue, it causes a reaction which dentists use to remove or shape tissue.

Are dental lasers safe?

Lasers are just as safe as any other dental instrument as long as the dentist has been properly trained and has experience using the laser instruments. The dentist will have you wear special eye protection in form of tinted safety glasses while the procedure is performed to protect your eyes from the laser.

There are some advantages to using laser treatment for dental procedures and they include the following:

  • There is less pain and less need for anesthesia for the patient
  • If you don’t like the drill noise or feeling, this is much less painful or fearful for patients.
  • There is less bleeding and swelling after patient treatment
  • There is less pain after your procedure and perhaps a reduction for the need for pain medications after your procedure.
  • Using a precise laser rather than a regular dental drill is more accurate and precise.
  • There is a reduction of hairline fractures in teeth with laser treatment over standard dental drills
  • There is less heat, pain and pressure using lasers over a dental drill.

Laser dentistry isn’t new and has been around for years now and in Mission Viejo Ca, we are experts at laser dental treatments. Laser dentistry can be used to remove tooth decay, bone or gum tissue, while leaving the areas surrounding it unaffected. Laser treatments can also remove lesions for biopsies and can whiten teeth faster.

What are some other benefits of using dental lasers?

Our patients tend to enjoy a more relaxed dental experience. Also, lasers can reduce healing times associated with traditional therapies. There is a reduction in the amount of bacteria in both diseased gum tissue and in tooth cavities. Our patients bleed less during surgery.

If you want to know more about laser dentistry in Mission Viejo Ca, then it’s time you called The Vartanian Dental Group, where they offer the best treatment and dental care in Orange County.

One thing you will want to ensure, is that your dentist is properly trained to use laser treatment therapy. There are several dental schools, dental associations, and the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) that offer dental laser education. The ALD is the profession’s independent source for current dental laser education and credentialing. Ask questions to your dentist about the laser education and training they have received as well as how many procedures they have performed using laser treatment. Make sure that your dentist has participated in educational courses and received training by the manufacturer.