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For those high school and college kids who have time off, it is a perfect time to schedule to remove your Wisdom teeth. If you are coming home or are already home and have time off, now is the perfect time to have your wisdom teeth removed. There is plenty of time to remove and recover from having your wisdom teeth removed before going back to school. Here at The Vartanian Dental Group of Mission Viejo, we try to schedule as many wisdom teeth procedures during your time off because it is a great time to get those teeth pulled. For most people, we all have to have our wisdom teeth pulled at some point and time, so you might as well get it done during some down time. Have you ever tried to study after getting your teeth pulled? It’s not fun and it is extremely difficult to concentrate when your entire head hurts.

Summer break is the perfect time to get your wisdom teeth pulled. Our local Mission Viejo Dentist will schedule your wisdom teeth to be extracted during the holidays so you can recover in the comfort of your own home. At the Vartanian Dental Group, we have in house specialists to handle teeth extractions and your wisdom teeth removal. To schedule your wisdom teeth for you or a family member, call our office at 949-586-5669.

Some of the benefits of getting your wisdom teeth pulled early is you will prevent any future eruptions or pressure under a tooth, which means that your tooth or teeth hurt. For most of us, there simply isn’t enough room in our mouth to handle 4 more teeth and when they start erupting on their own, that’s when the pain begins. Since there is little to no room in your mouth for the extra teeth, they usually start coming in and pushing the other teeth around causing them to move, which will create other teeth problems that wouldn’t have been there is you simply removed your wisdom teeth when they should have been removed. See Dr James Vartanian, the best Mission Viejo Dentist in town for a free consultation and will let you know whether or not this procedure should be performed now or later.