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What causes Dry mouth? What can I try to help my Dry Mouth?

Does your mouth ever feel so dry that you can’t even swallow. Dry Mouth is
an epidemic problem among Americans. Tens of millions of people suffer from dry
mouth every year and the numbers are increasing. The number one cause of dry
mouth are medications. Millions of Americans are on prescribed medications that
clearly cause dry mouth.

The number one way to cure or help elevate dry mouth is drink lots of water.
Eighty ounces per day for women and one hundred ounces per day for men will help
elevate some of the dry mouth or completely cure dry mouth.

Tips for drinking lots of water per day.
1. Start the morning off with one glass of water
BEFORE you grab the morning cup of coffee.
2. Carry w metal water bottle with you at all times
3. Always ask for water at a restaurant or a water cup at a fast casual restaurant.
4. At 3:30 pm, drink a large glass of water 16-24 oz preferred. You may need to
force some of this down, but take 8-10 big gulps per one breath, forcing a large
amount of water into your body. I promise you, your body will thank you. Besides,
at 4 pm, I’m usually getting hungry, so I start looking for a snack, right before dinner,
adding extra calories to my daily intake that I don’t really need. Can you hear me?
If you are like me and have this problem too, then drinking a bunch of water at 3:30 pm
will really help curve the appetite and your body and dry mouth will thank you.

Another tip I sometimes do is keep some sugar free hard candy at my desk. Of course, I get cravings
just like anyone else, but honestly, I am at the age where I need to watch my weight, so I have
become an expert at some this stuff.

This next tip is a really hard one for me…. Drink less coffee, drink less alcohol.
Yes, beer is alcohol too. Even though it is made with lots of water, you can’t count
drinking a beer as any water intake… Sorry!

If you have had recent medical surgeries or have undergone cancer treatment such as
radiation, then dry mouth can be a side affect to that treatment. Wait about two to
six months after treatment has stopped while trying these tips and the dry mouth
should go away.

Another Tip, when I mention drinking water, I really mean drink water. Tea, made
mostly from water does not count. Propel, Gatorade or any drink that is not 100%
clear like water, is not considered as your daily intake for water. The reason
for that is broken down to the cellular level. Only 100% clear water can rejuvenate
a human cell in the body, hence cleansing your body completely down to the cellular level.
See, I told you I know a lot on this subject….

Smoking causes dry mouth and many other problems. I know for smokers, it is one of the
hardest things in the world to do is to stop smoking, so we will just leave it at that.
We all know the harmful other side affects it brings that much greater than dry mouth.

In closing, I’ll leave you with two final tips for helping your dry mouth symptoms.
One, use a humidifier at night, especially in the winter time. Two, Simply Brush your
teeth and tongue after every meal and drink some water after you brush and rinse.

If you have tried most or all of these tips for curing dry mouth for a period of two
months and are still dry mouth, then schedule your appointment with The Vartanian Dental
Group at 949-586-5669.