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Can a Water Pick help improve your gums?

If you are like me, then you know about plaque and tarter buildup on your teeth. It is the worst when the dental hygeinist has to get under your gums and scrape several times because you haven’t been flossing vigorously in a particular area or there are way too many missed flossings between flossings…. Sound familiar. If so, then maybe adding a water pick to your daily routine might help keep those teeth of yours clean! For me, this has been the case for the past couple of years. Let me explain more in detail.

First, I would come into the dentist and have my regular cleaning. So far so good. Everything looked and felt great. Knowing that I have the build up of tarter and plaque, I schedule three cleaning appointments per year or every four months, rather than every six months.

By the time the second appointment comes around, things are still going well for me. I am able to have my regular cleaning appointment with not trouble at all. The cleaning process is always gentle and they treat me very kindly.

The third appointment comes around for the year and things are building up more than the the dentist and hygienist would like it to. They have to work a lot harder to clean my teeth, which tells me I haven’t been doing a good enough job of cleaning my teeth in between appointments, even though I would swear I am working harder than ever to clean my teeth. I brush several times per day and floss at least once or twice a day, which is way more than before. I begin to wonder if I am just going through the motions of brushing and flossing, so I can feel good about myself or am I going in there with a purpose of keeping “under the gums” clean? For me, I thing it was the second option of just going through the motions.

I have a water pick because the same thing happened to me before. I would have good checkups and bad checkups, so I added a water pick about a year and a half ago and because all of my appointments seemed to be going well, I cancelled the use of the water pick, only to have another bad checkup. I have since added the water pick back into my routine and my mouth has never felt better.

If you think you could do a better job at home of cleaning your teeth in between dentist visits, then maybe adding a water pick to your daily cleaning routine just might be the solution to having better dentist visits.

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