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5 Home Remedies for Toothaches

Mission Viejo dentist offers these toothache remedies to try at home before you call the Vartanian Dental Group. What can I do when I have a toothache? Are there home remedies for toothaches that I should try before calling my favorite Mission Viejo dentist? How do I know if I should see a dentist about my toothache? I always use these guidelines to determine whether I see a dentist about a toothache or not.  Is the pain severe? Is it an 8, 9 or 10 on a 1-10 pain scale? Has the pain been consistent for more than two days? Have you tried brushing and flossing the area in question for a few days? If the pain is severe and has been for more than a couple of days and you’ve tried cleaning the area in question, then definitely call the Vartanian Dental Group to schedule your appointment and they will get you in on the next available appointment.

Here are a few home remedies for toothaches that you can try before the pain gets severe and forces you to call the Vartanian Dental Group. First, try hot boiling water and salt. It is still a great remedy for short term healing of the mouth. I’ve been using this technique for decades and it still works for mild pain. Second, try clove oil. It is a great traditional home remedy for numbing the nerves. The primary chemical in a clove spice is eugenol, a natural anesthetic. Place two drops on a cotton ball, then place the cotton ball directly on the tooth. Do not pour the clove oil directly into the mouth. Third, peppermint tea has been known to have some numbing powers too. Steep some peppermint tea for 20 minutes, let cool and swish around in the mouth for 30 seconds and rinse. Fourth, try boiling hot water and teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide swished around in the mouth and rinse has been known to kill bacteria and relive some discomfort. Fifth, in our series of home remedies for toothaches is to ice it. Place some crushed ice in a plastic bag for 15 minutes and place on the sore area. If you have tried some or all of these and the pain still exists, call the Vartanian Dental Group and schedule your appointment and let them take a look and see what is going on there. Infections can lead to other health problems and we sure wouldn’t want that for any of our patients.

A toothache is nothing to be taken lightly. The pain in your mouth around a tooth can be caused by tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, a cracked, fractured or chipped tooth, like what I had or a damaged filling, which I also had or even infected gums. There are many of issues that can come up in your lifetime, these are just a few of the more common problems we see in the Vartanian Dental Group’s dentist office in Mission Viejo. Some of the symptoms might be sharp, throbbing or constant pain, swelling and redness around the tooth, bleeding gums, terrible taste in your mouth from the infected area or even fever and headaches can all be associated with toothaches. Feel free to call our Mission Viejo dental office at 949-586-5669 to schedule your appointment if the pain is severe and has been for more than two days and they will take great care of you. Their patients are raving about the gentle care at the Vartanian Dental Group.

If you are experiencing a toothache and you have tried some or all of these home remedies, then it is time to schedule your appointment with the Vartanian Dental Group of Mission Viejo. They have 5 specialists in a state of the art facility to help you with any of your dental health needs. Most insurance’s are accepted. Visit the website at to see a list of all the insurance’s that are accepted.