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Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of James Vartanian’s office in Mission Viejo, CA.

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We offer a full spectrum of Comprehensive Dentistry services to help you create a satisfying smile.

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Welcome to the Vartanian Dental Group

When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority! Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the most personalized tender care that you deserve. We will listen to understand your concerns and respond with the best treatment option.

We also want our patients to be informed about dental problems and treatments. That is why we’ve included an extensive section on this website covering the full array of topics associated with dentistry and treatments. We encourage you to visit this site whenever you have concern about the appearance of your teeth or want to learn more about our office.

Please take a few moments to look through this site to get a better feel for Dr. Vartanians capabilities and services. We also invite you to email or call our office at any time to request an appointment or ask any questions. Thank you.

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Crown vs. Veneer

What is the difference between a crown and a veneer? When should a crown be used and when should a veneer be used? In this article, we will cover the differences between crowns and veneers and when each should be used. At the Vartanian Dental Group in Mission Viejo, veneers are very popular and fairly easy to install. A veneer is a ceramic or resin material that covers the front part of the tooth. The part that everyone can see. A Veneer is a good option to correct discolored teeth, slightly misplaced positioned teeth or spaces between teeth can all be covered up to make your smile look perfect with veneers. Veneers are durable and long lasting and are designed to fit onto existing teeth, usually strong teeth that might be discolored or misplaced positioned teeth. The trick here is color matching and how far do you take the veneers. For example, if you have one tooth that is discolored or has a gap somewhere, these can usually be covered with one veneer; you would want to color match the one veneer to match the existing teeth. In the case where you are needing two or three veneers, it is even more important that the veneers look natural in your mouth. In extreme cases where major work needs to be done, you might want to consider the entire upper front or the entire upper and lower front.

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Chipped Tooth or Cracked Crown?

I was going to the Vartanian Dental Group in Mission Viejo for my regular teeth cleaning and as the dentist was checking over my mouth, he asked how everything was with my teeth and overall health of my mouth. Proudly, I answered, “Everything was great” and as I am thinking to myself, now let’s get this cleaning done and get me out of here! My Mission Viejo Dentist asks me if I noticed that I had chipped my crown? I said no, but food gets caught back there where you are pointing every time I eat. They had mentioned that the crown was chipped and even worse, after x-rays were taken, they noticed a cavity was developing under the crown. “Oh No!” was my first though, however, I knew I was in good hands because at the Vartanian Dental Group, crowns, fillings and veneers are their specialty! I made my appointment for two weeks later to have the crown replaced and the cavity removed. Of course, with me, nothing can be easy, so when Dr Vartanian removed the crown, he had to really work hard to get out the cavity, which meant he was drilling a little longer than he originally thought. One thing I want to point out, as I have had many procedures performed from various dentists, that just because he had to work a little harder to get the cavity out, he took his time and was gentle the entire time. If you have ever been to a dentist who is not so gentle, when they come up against a problem, they just get in there and grind away with little or no concern about the patient experience. Not here at the Vartanian Dental Group, which is why I really want to express the amazing care here. Usually when a procedure like this is done, you feel like you were just in a fist fight and need to go lay down for half a day. Not at the Vartanian Dental Group, he was so gentle, I was ready to go within one hour.

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Dental Insurance – Use it or Lose it

If you have insurance benefits and haven’t maximized the benefits yet, make your appointment today! Now is the time to use your insurance benefits before the end of the year. If you have insurance, there is a good chance you have a certain amount of dental insurance budgeted for each calendar year. The Vartanian Dental Group in Mission Viejo accepts most insurance plans and most importantly, we are In-Network with most insurance companies. This means you will pay less when you use the Vartanian Dental Group in Mission Viejo. If you are new to Orange County, be sure to see if the Vartanian Dental Group in Mission Viejo is on your insurance list. You’ll want to choose the Vartanian Dental Group for several reasons, but the most important reason is because they are the best dental practice in Orange County.

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