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When should I take my child to see the dentist?

When should I take my child to see the dentist is a popular question among new parents? The Vartanian Dental Group in Mission Viejo Ca specializes in children’s dentistry or pediatrics, as we call it in dental terms. So, when is the best time to bring your child in to see a dentist for the first time? The Vartanian Dental Group and the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends that you bring your child into the dentist six months after the first tooth comes in. Another good rule of thumb for taking your new born child to the dentist is at the age of one year old.

There are several reasons The Vartanian Dental Group and the AAPD recommends seeing a pediatrics dentist by the age of one. First, it is a great way for new parents of newborn children to learn how to brush the teeth of their newborn baby and toddlers. Second, it is the best way to prevent tooth decay. Lastly, the pediatrics dentist will evaluate the fluoride needs of your child and will make any recommendations to ensure proper oral hygiene.

From my own personal experience, another benefit of taking your child to a dentist early is they get familiar with the pediatrics dentist and they become very comfortable with going to the dentist at an early age. We did this exact technique with our son Dylan and he loves going to the dentist.

If you have a child of any age and have questions about their oral hygiene, The Vartanian Dental Group and their pediatrics department is the best in Orange County. Conveniently located off the 5 Frwy and La Paz in Mission Viejo, they are just minutes away from anywhere in Orange County. If you are looking for the best Pediatrics Dentist in Orange County, call The Vartanian Dental Group and one of our fabulous office managers or assistants will be there with a smile. The Vartanian Dental Group is located at 26302 La Paz #203 Mission Viejo Ca 92691 and can be reached at 949-586-5669.