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Schedule your last teeth cleaning for the year

If you haven’t had your teeth professionally cleaned two times this year, then now is the time to schedule your last teeth cleaning for 2017. We all know how busy everything gets once Halloween arrives and before you know it, Thanksgiving is here and the rest of the holiday obligations pop up, we start traveling and we forget to take care of ourselves. Now is the time to take care of yourself. Call the Vartanian Dental Group at 949-586-5669 to schedule your appointment today.

A professional dental cleaning is needed twice a year because over time, about six months or less, plaque and tarter begin to build up. The build-up of plaque, which contains bacteria, can lead to the beginning of tooth decay and gum disease. Similarly, tartar build up makes the smile less attractive and once build up begins, can only be removed by a professional, your hygienist.

I did not know this, but some foods vs. other foods cause more build up than others. The first rule of thumb is to avoid sour candy. Bread, alcohol, potato and soda pop are all foods to avoid as the body naturally converts those into sugar, which get trapped between teeth and gums and causes the plaque and tartar described above. Dentists will also recommend avoiding anything hard such as a lollipop, hard candy or even ice as many cracked and chipped teeth happen this way. Sticky foods like taffy, cotton candy or even dried fruits and can get stuck between the gums and teeth and that will lead to plaque and tartar build up, which is what we are all trying to avoid.

We hope these tips and information help you make better decisions when it comes to your oral health. If you have NOT had two professional dental cleanings this year, call the Vartanian Dental Group to schedule your appointment today. Our office is located in Mission Viejo at 26302 La Paz Ave Ste 203 Mission Viejo Ca 92691. Our phone number is 949-586-5669.