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Mission Viejo Dentist Receives Rave Reviews

In Orange County Ca, there is a Mission Viejo Dentist who is receiving rave reviews from their patients. This dental office is called the Vartanian Dental Group and is lead by Dr James Vartanian and his group of dental specialists allows our patients to be treated in one office location for all your dental needs.

Take a look at what people are saying:

Christian comes all the way from Los Angeles to see Dr James Vartanian in Mission Viejo. See what he is saying:

“I highly recommend Dr.Jim Vartanian to anyone. The office is state of the art, great and friendly staff and well organized. Dr. Jim makes you feel comfortable immediately which is important to me because i used to be afraid of the dentist.
He is fast , professional and fun! I ┬ánow look forward to all my visits and refer all my friends to him.”

Allexa from Mission Viejo says: “I just started coming to Dr. Vartanian after years of not seeing a dentist. I had EXTREME fear and anxiety about it because of previous bad experiences, so I came into his office expecting the worst. I was so pleasantly surprised with how easy, quick, and pain-free my experience was! Everyone in the office is so friendly, and Dr. Vartanian is hilarious and very kind. He was able to ease my anxiety with his words before he even started, and then proceeded to do all of my fillings SO fast and without any pain or discomfort at all. This entire office exemplifies exactly how an experience at the dentist should be. I have absolutely no fear of coming to the dentist now, thanks to Dr. Vartanian. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Ani from Irvine Ca says: “I love Dr. Vartanian and his team! They do such a great job, and treat you like a human being and not just another client. They make an unpleasant experience for most, one that you might go as far as saying you look forward to! Everything is always clean and they know what they are doing!”

Rhonia says: “I’ve been visiting Dr Vartanian’s office for multiple dental work. I came in for cleanings, fillings, and teeth whitening.

The staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr Vartanian was also very friendly. He also worked on teeth with virtually no pain.

From a scheduling standpoint, all appointments were timely. Appointments always started on time, and the staff and Dr Vartanian worked in a timely manner to complete the work.

Overall, the staff and Dr Vartanian make everyone feel like a priority, they are friendly, and always willing to help. I would highly recommend Dr Vartanian for any dental needs.”

Geoff from Laguna Niguel says: “Dr. Vartanian is an excellent dentist. I highly recommend him.

I started going to him after a terrible experience with another dentist many years ago. Now my entire family see’s him. While I don’t like going to a dentist, I like the feeling of my clean teeth afterward. The hygienists are very nice and are very thorough.”