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Laser dentistry applies state-of-the-art lasers to be used in a wide variety of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, enhancing both the functionality as well as the attractiveness of your teeth and smile.

Lasers are easy to use, offer pain-free results as well as offering quicker healing times post-procedure. For minor and other oral surgeries, such as treating periodontal disease, lasers have been shown to kill bacteria in the gum pockets and the result is your gums healing faster and being more stable.

Lasers can also enhance the results of scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), quickens the speed of the patient’s healing time, and eliminates most of the discomfort after the procedure.

It is also effective in cavity treatment, canker sores and cold sores, mouth lesion removal as well as gum recontouring. This procedure can be used for esthetic contouring of gum, or an ideal prep for those who are getting porcelain veneers or crowns as it helps to improve gum margins around the prep area.

If you are having your wisdom teeth pulled, lasers can be used to trim excess gum tissue around the partially erupted wisdom teeth making it easier to extract, as well as minimizing discomfort and providing more predictable healing.

Lasers are also effective in trimming away the skin flap that attaches the lip to the jawbone, or the frenum. This is important for children because excess frenum can prevent teeth from coming together which can cause gaps in the teeth.

There are many benefits to choosing laser dentistry including reducing the risk of infection, eliminated the need for drilling, minimizes swelling and bleeding, less invasive and discomfort, increased accuracy, faster treatment time and in some surgical procedures eliminates the use of anesthesia and stitches altogether.

Laser dentistry is rapidly becoming the “must-have” in mainstream dental offices because of its versatility and ability to treat a number of issues effectively, with little pain and with faster recovery times. However, it is not suitable for every patient or every condition.