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Gentle Dentist, Gentle dentistry, no pain dentist & pain free dentistry

The Vartanian Dental Group is the gentle dentist. Dr James Vartanian and his group of experts are known for their pain free procedures. If you are tired of the insurance cattle call of dentistry and are ready to choose the best, the Vartanian Dental Group is for you. Unfortunately, I have a lot of experience when it comes to dental work. I can still remember my first cavity at the age 8. It wasn’t one cavity, it was three. From that moment on, I have been fascinated with dentistry. I brushed like crazy, brushing my teeth several times a day. I did not want to get cavities again. Fast forward to nineteen years old and I went over the handle bars on a motorcycle with no helmet, face planted into the asphalt, I remember waking up in the hospital with no front teeth. This was my first experience with dental surgery and my first kind of cosmetic dentistry. The entire repair process took several months. One tooth was just a nub, so they had to build it up, the other front tooth has a little more tooth to work with and the third was chipped. I had been missing one of my front four teeth, so there were only three there anyways. The challenge was to rebuild two teeth, grind down another, so all three could be capped. Then they took my K-9 tooth and converted it to the fourth front tooth to make all four front teeth uniform and symmetric. Long story short, I love my smile. They did a better job for me than what I was born with and I am so happy with my smile.

During this process, I was also able to choose my shade of teeth, which of course, I went whiter than my original color. Who wouldn’t? Right? The only problem is that they all didn’t match. The next game plan was to match the bottom teeth with veneers that match the top four. I can’t tell you how many people compliment me on my smile. Having a smile that you love is totally infectious. It’s inviting, welcoming and friendly. I can’t tell you how many people I meet for the first time who becomes instant friends. I can honestly tell you. I have an advantage. It’s my smile! It makes me who I am. It gives me confidence and pride. If you are looking for a great smile, a fantastic dentist, a gentle dentist, then the Vartanian Dental Group in Orange County is the premier dental office for you.


If you are looking for a gentle dentistry, the Vartanian Dental Group is the best choice for pain free dentistry in Orange County. Located in Mission Viejo, the office is right off the 5 Freeway and La Paz Rd in Mission Viejo Ca, they have a team of dentists and specialists to handle all your dentistry needs. Call 949-586-5669 for any questions about insurance, procedures, costs etc. We are here to help!