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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and The Vartanian Dental Group along with the Oral Cancer Foundation would like to help spread the word about Oral Cancer and how it affects people lives on a daily basis. There will be almost 50,000 newly diagnosed patients with oral cancer this year alone. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, there will be approximately 132 newly diagnosed patients with oral cancel every day in the United States. A more frightening statistic is that one person every hour of every day will die from oral cancer. That statistic alone is enough to get screened on a regular basis and here at the best Mission Viejo Dentist in Orange County, we are happy to provide a cancer screening for you! Just call our office ahead of time and let us know you would like that test performed on your next cleaning visit and we can arrange a quick, easy and pain free test.

Cigarette smoking and tobacco use are still the major factors that cause oral cancer, but even more alarming is that the fastest growing segment of oral cancer patients is now young, healthy, nonsmoking individuals due to the connection to the HPV virus. According to the CDC, the center for disease control and prevention, the HPV virus is a very common virus among sexually active men and can easily be transmitted.  If you have concerns about this or have oral cancel history in your family, please call our office and schedule your oral cancer screening today. Our Mission Viejo Dentists are the best and can help you with any oral cancer screenings you may have concerns about. Our Mission Viejo Dentist Office phone number is 949-586-5669. Give us a call and schedule your screening today!